I need a miracle

What is it that I’m feeling? Why is still killing me?

I need my closure.

I can’t stand pretending that I’m okay with everything between us, I don’t deserve this. Getting my heart broken, my soul crushed and my dignity flushed down the toilet. I want to confront her. Ask her what went wrong? What did I do wrong? I need to know what happened.

How was I given up without a fight? Was I that worthless? How can you call someone your world and the next day act like you never shared the same bed.

I don’t want her back, that is one thing I’m positive about even if she begs to have me back *which I doubt but would be a great plot twist*  and god knows how much she still means the world to me but my heart and I would never wish to see her hurting but I wish to see her going through what she have put me through. I want to see her lost and begging for a closure too.



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