I go through days where I feel like I’m on top of the world and ready to take over my life again. Then I go through days where I cry nonstop praying for the pain to go away.

Honestly, to some extent I have been stable but if my stability had a graph it will be nowhere near a straight line.

The latest updates include me having Vitamin D deficiency I always knew I do because who doesn’t have vitamin D deficiency these days?  *my result was 7 hence the never ending fatigue* and finally started taking supplements 5000 once a week. I’m giving it so much hope because if nothing gets better within three months my next option is methotrexate and we all know what that means. My RA factor went down to 53 from 95 * Cheeers!* .  The not so cheerful side of my updates the ESR result was a bit over the roof from my last test *went to 35 from 7!* I still need to redo the test in a few days to finalize everything.

My emotional update is shit. The ups and downs I go through with being sick are driving me crazy. It’s been almost a year and I can never fully cope with this. I am handling things A LOT better than when it all started. And I’m thankful for this unfortunate turn my life took in a very young age. Pain taught me to be practical. It taught me patience. It taught me to highlight the important aspects of my life and stop chasing temporary & unnecessary matters. It improved my survival skills. It made me braver, my fight or flight mode is always alert. Pain changed me.

More to share soon.




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