The opposite of pleasure.

Incurable Hope

I don’t recognise my life. This body that must rest for the majority of the day is unfamiliar to me. The mirror shows a stranger with a pained face and such tired eyes. Theses fingers that look crooked and toes that are swollen and misshapen surely cannot be mine?

I don’t know this woman.

Pain is pleasures opposite.

What is R.As opposite? Is it life? Is it health? Is it joy or experience or fun or freedom or adventure or excitement or ability or positivity or happiness.

I have always been told I am a positive person, almost to a fault. I have always been the person who looks for the best in any given, shitty, situation – and finds it – regardless of how tiny it is. I have always had that unique ability to placate the fear and upset with even the tiniest glimmer of hope.

But the…

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