It’s not that bad.

Actually, it is.

I’m still not sure if life is making it up for me when I have a good day or am I the one making it up for life when I go through these horrible nights.

Last night wasn’t the worst, it was hardly comparable to the usual nights where I cry myself to sleep but end up tossing and turning trying to reach a comfortable position to hardly get 30 minutes of sleep and waking up to a worse level of pain.

Whenever I go through pain or any sort of emotion I cannot process I like to read about it, read to understand what’s going on with me through the experiences of others. It helps me realize what’s the right thing to do and that I’m not alone in this.

As I laid in bed yesterday helplessly googling Rheumatoid Arthritis hoping to find anything satisfying to calm me down, I came across . I’ve seen this blog before but never spent much time to read or keep up with the posts. It’s beautiful! RA guy alerted something within me and I decided to start series of my own journey with RA.

Last night wasn’t the worst but it was bad enough for me to come up with this decision to write down what I’m going through in a blog where I’d find people who’d understand rather than hopelessly tweet about it not being able to explain it to others.

I’ll wrap this up here and keep the rest for the many coming posts, until then stay strong!

Thank you RA Guy!




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