let’s meet when the rain stops

and the rain left off

And when you finally meet again, it’s accidental: the rain is tapering off and the wind is dying down, and everyone’s slowly making their way out of the coffee houses and twenty-four hour convenience stores, and the sidewalk is back to the throng of the usual end-of-day chaos. You spot them sitting in a corner of an alfresco eatery; he’s sipping a drink with his eyes fixed on his phone while she’s murmuring something to him as she flips through the newspaper.

You go over to say hello. There’s a wry smile on his lips and a delighted one on hers, and you can’t help but laugh and all is right with the world.

“I didn’t know you guys were in town,” you tell them, and he looks surprised.

“I thought I texted you,” he says, eyes flicking to his phone again, as if he could confirm that he has…

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